Best Reseller Hosting UK


£9.99per month
£9.99per month
  • 15 GBStorage Space
  • 150 GBBandwidth


£14.99per month
£14.99per month
  • 20 GBStorage Space
  • 50 GBBandwidth


£20.00per month
£20.00per month
  • 10 GBStorage Space
  • 200 GBBandwidth

Best Reseller Hosting Plans For Large Business to Handle Multiple Sites and Entrepreneurs Earn Income

Reseller web hosting is an effective way for entrepreneurs to earn money online by starting their own web hosting company. This is used by individuals and a few businesses that require more space to accommodate the needs of their websites. In this type of hosting you can buy a huge web hosting account and resell it in smaller quantities to other website owners. Just make sure that you are buying the best reseller hosting plan if you want to earn real income in this business

Advantages in Choosing Reseller Web Hosting

While reseller hosting can be more costly than shared hosting, there are some advantages of this kind of hosting.Reseller Hosting

  • Space capacity – This is ideal for those who own a large site with more daily traffic hits. Business owners who want to set up more sites under different names can also use this kind of hosting. You can also save money when you buy a single plan that contains enough space and features to manage different sites. With reseller hosting, you don’t have to buy spaces separately. You can pay a onetime fee and pursue your goals.
  • Allows for administration – This will enable you to administer your website well using the power control panel feature.
  • More features – The other features in the plan help you manage your site effectively.
  • No maintenance needed – Reseller web hosting does not require any maintenance. The original web hosting company will fix the server problem if they occur. Choosing this plan will give you a dedicated reseller hosting service where you don’t need to worry about the possible issues that may arise.
  • Low expenses – If you choose reseller hosting, you can keep your expenses low. You will no longer have to buy a dedicated server which may cost more. You can enjoy the same features and even more than what a dedicated server can provide. Most of the plans offered in reseller hosting are low-priced. This will leave your business an extra savings that you can use for other purpose.
  • Income is guaranteed – Perhaps the most interesting advantage of reseller hosting is its ability to provide you with a stream of income. If you are not using all your reseller hosting space you can let other use it and make money. This is a great way to increase the revenue of your business. In most cases, you can use this strategy in paying your site while having adequate space for other business activities.

When running a multiple website or reselling for a profit, it is important to find the best web hosting provider in UK. This is to ensure that you can get the best technical support in case of troubles in the system. This is necessary if you are hosting other website owners in your server. When one of your clients complains, this will be submitted directly to you since you are the web host. You will then forward the complaint to the hosting company so that the problem will be addressed properly.

How to Select a Reseller Hosting Company

The reputation of the company is a very important factor to consider when choosing a reseller hosting provider. Make sure it provides utmost customer service so you will not have problems with your clients. Remember that you will be Customer Serviceresponsible if a customer is not satisfied with the technical support. Consider a company with the best uptime to ensure that you can deliver the type of services that you have promised to your customers. You need to consider the location of the server of the reseller hosting company you choose. If your customers are based in UK, your host company should serve within the area.

Although reseller hosting is not very popular compared with other basic hosting service, its market is continuously expanding. A lot of businesses are already using it as an additional service in their company. Our site provides a list of reputable reseller hosts that offers the best technical support, up time and other services for your business.