Top Dedicated Hosting UK Providers


£99per month
£99per month
  • 2x 2.33 GhzCPU
  • 250 GB SATAHard Drive
  • 5,000 GBPBandwidth


£55per month
£55per month
  • 2x 2.2 GhzCPU
  • 2 GBRAM
  • 250 GB SATAHard Drive
  • 5000 GBBandwidth


£130per month
£130per month
  • 2×2.4 GhzCPU
  • 1 GB DDR3RAM
  • 160 GB SATAHard Drive
  • 5000 GBBandwidth

Buying a Dedicated Server – Enjoying the Benefits Provided by a Reliable Dedicated Host

When looking for a web hosting company one of the services that you might encounter is dedicated web hosting. There are many companies online that offer both shared and dedicated hosting. In choosing for a service, you must determine your business needs and budget.

What is Dedicated Hosting?Dedicated Server

An individual who owns a server dedicated entirely to his company and does not share it with any other website owner is using a dedicated hosting service. Dedicated hosting means a person will have complete control of the server. This is important if you want to keep some things in private and you don’t want to share your disk space, bandwidth, up time and other resources with anyone. One of the good features of dedicated hosting services is its ability to allow you to download useful applications and software for your website.

Why Purchase a Dedicated Server?

If your website is expecting a large number of traffic daily, a shared hosting may not be a perfect solution. You need to purchase a dedicated server. A dedicated server is designed and installed for you to enjoy an exclusive control over your website and continuous work flow. Dedicated hosting may not come cheap but your money will be worth the benefits it provides. Choose any of the providers above to buy dedicated hosting for your website.

  • More features and maximum performance – Depending on the dedicated hosting plan you choose some companies offer different types of features to provide maximum performance for your website. This is one of the most noticeable benefits of web hosting.
  • Increased reliability and stability – Shared server is usually prone to crashing and other server issues since they are also used by other websites. On the other hand, a dedicated server hosting may not experience more issues and it has faster response time which means greater degree of reliability. The stability of the server in dedicated hosting is also increased because resources are not shared.
  • More control and security – With a dedicated server you can control your own hosting environment. There is more security in using this service as it avoids shared viruses, eliminate the risk of being hacked and avoid other online threats that may harm your server.
  • Increased flexibility – You will have more freedom to expand your site whenever you need it. There is increased flexibility when you use a dedicated hosting as long as you will use your space and bandwidth properly, you can choose to expand and grow your website when required.

Dedicated HostingChoosing Between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Once you have decided to purchase a dedicated server, your nest step is to decide between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. You may find that there are many dedicated hosting packages available. The prices are set according to the memory, processor and hard drives.

Managed dedicated hosting – This service offers a support and expertise in performing routine maintenance to maintain your server without your involvement. However, you need to install software, security features and fix problems on your own.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting – With this type of hosting you will have full control of the server. This means that you will be responsible for maintaining and configuring the server. This is usually offered at lower priced since you will be doing things on your own and save you more money. However, this is not often recommended to those who are less knowledgeable about web servers and cannot spare time to manage updates and fix issues on their own.

The choice between managed and unmanaged hosting depends on the technical requirements of a website and the ability of the site owner to manage a server and keep it running efficiently. Those who prefer to have professionals who will after their server may choose a managed hosting. This is often recommended because it requires less time and effort to handle server issues.

Aside from the aspects of the server, support, location and uptime are also very important to take into account when buying a dedicated server hosting for your website. This site has listed some of the dedicated host in UK that offers the best web hosting services.